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Development of solutions improving the visibility and security of 2-wheel drivers

Did you know ? In France, there are approximately 19,000 accidents each year involving at least one cyclist or biker, and 75% of them occur at intersections. We want to help reduce these figures and help bikers and cyclists to be more visible on the road and more particularly at risky places. By using our products, you increase your chances of being seen by other road users and thus limit the chances of collisions.

To achieve this objective, INFINITEC GROUP offers a full range of solutions to increase the visibility and safety of two-wheel drivers.

Inspired by this quote from a great man: "The battles of life are not won by the strongest, nor by the fastest, but by those who never give up", we have endeavored to make projects viable in the public interest, improve the protection of cyclists and motorcyclists.

Today, the vulnerability of cyclists and motorcyclists on the road is well established. Victim of reduced visibility in heavy traffic, the danger is constant.

The human body serving as a car body, the slightest fall can be fatal. Aware of the risk and having the will to contribute to the reduction of accidents, we make every effort to provide innovative security solutions accessible to all.


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