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Scootlight Blinker

  • Improved security day and night
  • Much better visibility
  • Lithium battery with high autonomy
  • Automatic adjustment of light intensity
  • Reduces the risk of accident


Removable safety light device for 2-wheelers.

The Scootlight works with Bluetooth technology. To activate the device, simply press the multifunction push button. The Scootlight synchronously reproduces the "Stop lights", "Flashing lights", "Position lights", "Fog lights" and "Hazard lights" signals of the rear motorcycle signaling system.

The remote control delivered with the product is intended for cyclists and other 2-wheel drivers to signal their changes of direction and activate other functions (except brake lights).

Positioned on the back of the driver or passenger, the light signals from the Scootlight are always reproduced in the field of vision of the driver that follows. Thus, the Scootlight secures users of 2-wheelers by making them more visible on the road, during braking phases (only motorcycles) and / or changes of direction.

This innovative device can be used with any motorcycle without modifying the approval, and regardless of the brand or model, including those equipped with an on-board computer. Also weatherproof, the Scootlight operates from -10 ° to + 50 °. Visible at more than 300 meters at night, it can be used in all weathers.  It can be recharged from a standard socket via the USB Type C connector, and has a battery life of 4 hours if the "Stop light" lights continuously.

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  • 2-wheelers wear it on their back or on their backpack
  • Intended changes of direction clearly visible
  • Wireless transmission, in sync with the input
  • Use via remote control, fixed on the handlebar
  • Over 24 hours of operation with the integrated Li-Ion batteries
  • Automatic light adjustment, brighter during the day than during night
  • Light signals: turn signals left / right, hazard lights, position and fog lights
  • Battery charging via USB Type C interface
  • Charge indicator on the Scoot Light by LED color change (red / green)
  • Reflective risers
  • Integrated reflector
  • A total of 30 LEDs with long lifetime
  • No glare on the following traffic
  • integrated overcharge and discharge protection
  • ON / OFF switch on the side of the housing
  • Rainwater protected
  • Charging time only about 3 hours via USB charging
  • Weight: only 300gr 



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