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Fluorescent Gloves - yellow

  • Increases your visibility
  • Efficient and comfortable grip
  • Silicone grip
  • Waterproof


Waving your arms to indicate your direction is good, but in the evening, who sees your mimines? The Proviz Waterproof gloves provide you with good visibility while meeting all the criteria for the best gloves! Tactile and waterproof, the Hipora textile interior (three micropore layers with silicone coating) keeps you warm while allowing excess heat to escape.

The gloves are available with the following sizes: S, M, L

Product reference: PZSPORTGLOVE.  To buy the product, click here.


  • Material: Hipora breathable inserts
  • Reflective inserts
  • Silicone grip
  • Velcro adjustment buckle
  • Works with touch screens 
  • Machine washable (waterproof)


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