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Airbag Cyclist

  • Homologated
  • Analyzes 200 movements per second
  • Blows up in 1/10 of a second
  • Light - only 635 grams
  • Autonomy of the battery : 10 hours


Born in Sweden in 2005, the Hövding airbag helmet is the result of a careful technical development to offer the best technological protection for urban cyclists. Hövding is 6 times safer than a classic helmet.

Homologated, the Hövding helmet is configured to analyze 200 movements per second. In the event of a fall, the helmet deploys in a fraction of a second, like a full-face helmet with protection for the neck, forehead, sides and neck.

The replacement warranty we offer is unique in Europe.
For 29 € per year, in the event of an accident, the deployed helmet will be replaced after studying the trigger conditions. A “subscription” coupon can be found in each box with the Hövding helmet.

The airbag is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. Size (S, M or L) to be indicated behind the product reference.

Product reference  HVDAIRBAG20.   To buy the product, click here.

Detailed technical specifications.

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  • Weight: 635 g worn on the shoulders
  • Sizes: Small (neck size less than 36 cm), Medium (neck size between 34 and 42 cm), Large (neck size between 38 and 45 cm)
  • Charging via provided USB cable 


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