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  • Easy to use
  • Space saving
  • Unique design
  • Needs no electricity
  • Quick installation and maintenance free


PARKIS is a simple and smart bicycle lift – an alternative to the traditional bicycle rack. This bicycle storage solution offers a unique experience of an easy and simple space saving.

It is an ideal bike stand that saves space at any parking place. PARKIS magically lifts your bike and allows you to forget all the struggles regarding bicycle parking.

PARKIS EXCLUSIVE is the superior version of PARKIS with its outstanding mirror shiny looks. It combines excellent durability with elegance. Made of anodised aluminium and stainless steel. 

Being the most advanced mechanical bicycle parking system, PARKIS is an ideal solution for vertical parking of your bike.

Accessories allow more flexibility installing PARKIS: locking a bike, saving extra space, adapting to uneven or complicated surfaces, avoiding skirting board, installing at 45° to the wall angle, etc.

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Product reference :  PARKIS-EXCLISIVE.


  • PARKIS lifts your bike without any physical effort.
  • To compare with a traditional horizontal bike parking, PARKIS saves minimum 40% of the floor space.
  • PARKIS is not only comfortable and easy but also looks stylish.
  • PARKIS is an eco-friendly, entirely mechanical equipment, which does not require electricity.
  • It is very easy to install PARKIS everywhere.
  • PARKIS does not require your attention. It is ready to use at any time.
  • For accessories and installation guide, see section "DOCUMENTS" 


Detailed technical specifications.

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This vertical bike rack with lifting system is suitable for the most popular bike models and mountain bikes. The only criteria to be respected are the following:

  • tire width of maximum 61mm (2,4")
  • rim + tire total height of maximum 77mm (3,0")
  • wheel diameter of minimum 61cm (24")
  • maximum weight on front axle is 15 kg (33 lb) ;
  • end of fenders above the wheel center line*

*To check this, you can press the rear wheel of the bicycle against the wall. If the wheel (and not the mudguard) touches the wall, PARKIS can be installed without accessories.

Dimensions of the bike-lift 170 x 23 x 15 cm (67 x 9 x 5,9 in), weight 6,0 kg (13,2 lb)


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