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Fogmatic Atomizer

  • Fast and proven effectiveness
  • Approved and recommended by experts
  • Ecological and safe
  • No risk of irritation
  • 100% natural ingredients


Coronavirus contamination can occur from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, followed by contact with the nose, eyes or mouth.

The FOGMATIC is a certified portable device which allows to sanitize and disinfect private, public and industrial places. This efficiently and in a maximum of 30 minutes without professional intervention.

Stop the spread of infection with FOGMATIC. The product contains a derivative of hypochlorous acid which has a clinically proven disinfectant effect. It is a substance produced by our human body and which our system uses to oxidize external dangers.

The FOGMATIC mobile app on your smartphone gives an overview of the space in which your FOGMATIC is active and you can see remotely whether the disinfection process is going well.

Sold with 6 bottles of 0,75l d’hygien +99 d’ECOWIAN. 

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Product reference: FOGMATIC

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FOGMATIC can be used in multiple sectors: HoReCa, office buildings, medical establishments, stores, hairdressing salons, etc.

FOGMATIC is easy to configure and control via the mobile app on your smartphone.

Disinfection time (number of m2 with height of 2.5m)

  • 25 m2     - 9 minutes
  • 50 m2     - 17 minutes
  • 100 m2   - 30 minutes


Detailed technical specifications.

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  • Consumption: 20W / 220V
  • Capacity : 250 ml
  • Tip diameter: 0.001 micron
  • Dimensions: 260 x 283 x 188mm
  • Net weight (empty): 6kg
  • Bluetooth feature: 4.1


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