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Soundsystem BTR105

Soundsystem BTR105 with Bluetooth receiver and exciter

Infinitec Group has developed the soundsystem BTR105 for the German company WHD (Wilhelm Huber & Söhne). The product is currently sold worldwide by the German wholesaler HÄFELE.

The BTR105 solution with its integrated Bluetooth interface uses an innovative vibration technology (called Exciter) that transforms any surface respectively object where the product is fixed into a speaker.

Through the transmission of micro vibrations it creates music, audio effects and clear voice communication on any surface.

You can directly play your music from your smartphone, tablet or Notebook via Bluetooth.

WIth all electronic components integrated in the housing (66 x 25 x 140mm), BTR105 can be easily integrated into furniture, fixed behind mirrors or wooden walls, fixed on bathtubs, etc..

You just need a power supply that is actually provided by HÄFELE or you use a standard 12V adapter.

In the meantime, Infinitec Group has developed a WiFi version of the product, allowing to inter-connect many devices through one single power supply and an APPS allowing to configure each device separately and operate either via its integrated WLAN router or an external router.