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The science of being seen and solutions for safer riding.


Today the vulnerability of 2-wheel drivers in the traffic no longer needs to be demonstrated. Victim of reduced visibility in heavy traffic and during the night, the danger is permanent.

The human body acting as a car body, the slightest fall can be fatal. But let's not blame the car drivers. Th wrong estimate of distance or of the approach speed of a 2-wheel driver is due to the optics. Very logically, a 2-wheel driver is less imposing in the frontal visual field as a car. He is notably narrower with less clear contours. We refer here to reduced "Visual Salience".

The consequence of a lower visual presence is that the approach speed of a 2-wheel driver seems to be lower compared to the approach speed of a car. He is less eye-catching because of the reduced angular velocity.

Therefore the need to offer solutions to increase the visibility of 2-wheel drivers.

Aware of the risks and with the will to contribute to the reduction of accidents, Infinitec Group makes every effort to provide innovative security solutions that are accessible to all.

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