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About us

We are experts in sourcing, conception, development and marketing of innovative multimedia and LED lighting solutions. 

In the area of lighting, one of our strategic objectives consists of designing and developing new eco-sustainable solutions.This is particularly done through intelligent energy management and through the combination of LED technology with renewable energy sources.

Our philosophy is to deliver best quality products at best prices. We develop tailor-made solutions based on the fuctional and technical requirements of our customers. All our projects are fully compliant with EU standards and regulations.

Our activities

Activities relating to Sourcing, Conception and Creation

Our sourcing activity consists of seeking and evaluating  suppliers and their products based on strict performance and quality criteria that are specified by our customers.

Within the framework of our activities, we develop, import and market innovative products in direct partnership with the manufacturers without any intermediaries in between. Moreover, we offer the service that allows the development of tailor-made solutions on requests of our customers at competitive prices. The development of tailor-made solutions includes the customization and development of products, the personalization of packaging and user documentation, and the selection of different electronic components. 

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The advantages for our customers are the following:

  • manufacturers and their products are evaluated on site by our affiliates or ourselves (for example: solvency, working conditions / code of ethics, product quality, product certifications and compliance with European standards, etc.. )
  • tracability of products and components
  • benefit from very competitive prices
  • have access to new products which are not marketed in Europe yet
  • opportunity to customize products and even to create their own brand of products
  • increase their income by completing their offer with new innovative products
  • direct the product strategy of manufacturers via Infinitec Group.

The activities of Sourcing and Creation cover mainly the multimedia products, connectivity and LED lighting products.

Distribution activities

In partnership with our manufacturing partners, Infinitec Group develops and markets innovative products, enabling customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Infinitec Group proposes a new concept in the field of lighting and derivatives, consisting of a complete product offering via a single point of contact and interlocutor, covering.

  • The provision of a full range of LED lighting products compatible with older supports or frames
  • The provision of lighting products using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy
  • Product installation in partnership with professionals
  • Assessment of Return on Investment and proposal of funding options in partnership with financial institutions
  • Recycling of replaced products
  • Issue “Energy balance statement” including a comparative balance sheet after replacement
  • After-sales service and support during the warranty period of the installed equipment.

Infinitec Group offers the following advantages:

Competitive prices

Due to the fact that Infinitec Group is working directly with manufacturers with no intermediaries between allows to commercialise products at very competitive prices. 

Our motto is "Best quality at best price". 

Quality and traceability of products

Because the company works directly with the manufacturers, the origin of products is known. To guarantee high quality of products/components and their compliance with European standards, Infinitec Group intervenes in the choice of components and products to use.


Responsive to customer needs and conclusions of markets studies they made, Infinitec Group conceives  and develops with its partners new innovative products.


Infinitec Group has 6 years experience in the field of Sourcing and during this period the company established an important network of partners and manufacturers.


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